October November 2007




Final Champagne Inspection???

We have passed all of our final inspections and now have our CO, otherwise know as a "Certificate of Occupancy". I think it really stands for "Champagne and it's Over". Of course that means we need a final champagne inspection (to be announced). Yep, yet another reason for a party.... hey, why not... life if short!

More Landscaping

Pedro (and his assistant, Juan) are doing a beautiful job with the side yard garden terracing.... check it out below.

Sooo nice.... can't wait to start planting the area.

The King & Queen Chairs

We were going to put a couch under the arch but instead opted for two comfy chairs. This was decided after rigorous testing which involved lots of sunset watching along with many hours that went far into the night of gazing out at the twinkling lights of St. Thomas.

The Weather

Sorry about the lack of updates, but..... it's been hard to make much progress with weather like this for the past couple of weeks.

Lower Apartment

Here is sneak peek on what the lower apartment will look like. One day we will put real cabinets in..... one day.

Landscape Update

The stairs down to the lower apartment are finished. Should really look nice once we put in the deck at the bottom. Started to put some plants in. So far, a couple of giant lily plants, some blue Daze, yellow and red Ixorias and various palms. I love my triangle palm.

Clearing the View

We had a bunch of dead trees and scraggly bush that needed to go. So who did we call.... Hurricane Alley Tree Service, of course. They did a terrific job. It was also fascinating to watch James whirl around in that bucket with a chain saw in hand. Below are a couple of action photos.

Looks a lot better and gives the healthy trees room to breath.

The Driveway

At last, the driveway.

It has two 3 foot wide treads and a curb on the outer edge. The outsides and center will be filled with a gravel stone.

And here we are already up to the front entry and this is the start of the parking area.