December 2007 & January 2008



The Kitchen Island

I only have one word for this..... yeah! And note, the dishwasher is in.

Those Extra Columns

When Harley cast the concrete columns for the verandas (which seems like decades ago) he decided to make two extra.... for just incase. Forever they sat in the backyard as we wondered what to do with them. Finally the decision was made to use them for a trellis, as an entrance into the backyard via the parking area. Big question was how to move 800 pounds of solid concrete and set them in place. Pedro decided he could do it with a little help. Well the guys did it, in the rain with a ton of very slippy mud. An amazing feat. And just for the record, my brother Steve said he gave us the idea about what to do with the thanks Steve.

Next was to pour the pad for the BBQ grill (now know as "Harley's BBQ launching pad") and to continue landscaping.

Thanks to Pedro's beautiful stonework and Bernd's wooden trellis on the columns, it was just what we wanted.


For our first Christmas I just had to have the biggest tree I could find. A Frazer Fir, it was beautiful. Christmas Eve Day we had a amazing rainbow..... check it out below.

The Finished Driveway
Dec.2007 into Jan. 2008

Yes, more stonework. Thought it would give the driveway more pizazz. Pedro, once again, did a wonderful job.

Next up..... the garden tour.