The Pool Begins

The Cistern Slab is Poured

The Finished Slab

The cistern, pool and pump room slabs are done. Pool and pump room walls are up. The next step is put up the cistern walls and frame up for the slab over the pump room that is the deck on which the pergola will be. After that we start on the slab for the main house and order water for the pool. Stay tuned....

Pool Stairs Get Framed Up

The stairs from the pergola into the pool and the slab on top of the pump room get framed up and ready for another big pour.

The Pumper Arrives and the Pour Begins

A Pump Room and Pergola Deck

We now actually have an enclosed room with a bathroom plumbed in, our first deck and cisterns. Next comes forming up the tops of the cisterns which are directly under the main house veranda. With all this and a Port-o-John we're ready for guests!

Bob, Jenny & Jill check out the Guest Quarters

Jenny, Bob Nellis's daughter and her friend Jill inspect the pump room that has a full bath and could double as an extra bedroom... just bring your Aero Bed. The wood forms are still up until the concrete ceiling has cured. On to the garden...

The Watermelon Patch

Here's Jill showing off one of our prize watermelons that the guys on the crew planted on the pile of top soil. Please note, that though it may look like it, no, Jill did not spill her wine. But thank goodness she switch to white instead of red (inside joke).

The Sunset Cocktail

The Sunset

The line of clouds on the horizon didn't give us quite the sunset I was hoping for but the ship going by made for a pretty sight non-the-less.

The Pool

Harley wanted a big pool, Betty didn't. Guess who won?

Pool Stairs Before and After

The Main House Veranda

Next up.... the house! .

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