August September 2007




Turning the House into a Home

I really like how the kitchen cabinets turned out. We still have to put the center island in, a dishwasher and more lighting. But so far, so good!

The master bath (as you must know by now) is my favorite place. The white concrete counter tops turned out very nice and look beautiful. Once the shower is tiled it will be complete.

This is looking into the guest bedroom and bath. We don't have much furnishings yet so the house looks a bit sparse but all in due time. The fabulous teak steamer chairs are a gift from our good friends, the Swans

The bar counters were also done in white concrete and they too turned out great. The bar chairs too are a gift from some of my girlfriends and go perfectly.... nice huh? Its a great spot and we added a table to the area and have already enjoyed many a dinner "alfresco".

The Pergola and the Pool

We are really pleased on how the pool and pergola area came together. A great space that can entertain a crowd, it has been tried and tested, as you will see below....

Going Green

We are finally getting into some serious landscaping. This is Pedro who is building lots of stone garden beds. He is transforming the back area from a rock quarry into a soon to be "tropical paradise".

A before and after...

As Pedro was digging into the pile of top soil, he happen upon a iguana nest. It had a whole batch of very dirty babies with their tails all intertwined. I thought it was very fascinating so I'm going to share. (I know what my sister is saying right now,...... "that's gross!") I did give them a little bath and set them on their way.


We have started doing landscaping full force. Starting with the stone flower beds and terracing. This wall will continue up along the front of the house is coming out beautiful and is massive. Looking from the pergola deck it really looks nice (photo below). The outline shows where a deck will be for the lower bedroom that continues with stone stairs up to the side of the house.

Starting the Interior Decorating

I'm finally starting to order some furniture for the house. My couch could really use some company.

Some Teak

Two new armoires, one for the TV and one for the master bedroom


There is was... our good omen, a beautiful rainbow. The next day the general inspector came up for our final inspection and we passed.

More Stone

Here is a before and after of that massive pool wall up the drive. The stone flower beds are a definite improvement... I'm going to fill them up with bougainvillea.

On to October...