The Roof



The Roof


In just a few days almost all the beams are up on the main roof. That's Joe on the roof and Harley in the window.

These beams are heavy and if you could have heard what was going on in this photo..... well, it wasn't pretty.

Harley has been sanding and staining the beams. It's not his favorite thing to do but figures it's easier to do now then after they are up.

Here is the second arch out on the veranda. Originally this arch was going to be concrete but we made a last minute decision to do it in stone on the inside.

The entry is all ready for stone and concrete and of course a roof. I hoping to afford a really beautiful arched iron gate. We'll see.

Rum & Coke Inspection

Tammy (of the Nellis clan) and her new husband, John are here on their honeymoon and of course we had to take them up for a "sundowner" and get their OK on the project. I had to apologize, the place is a mess. You can hardly move around with all the scaffolding and wood laying around. But the ring beam all poured and hopefully we can begin on the veranda roof. Dele the stone mason is coming on Monday to work on the veranda arches so I should have some new photos next week.

Interior Walls and More Stone

Dele & Randy have finished the main stone wall are now starting on the stone on the veranda arches. If you are looking for a stone mason, he is the man. His e-mail is:

Here's a birds-eye view.... what a beautiful day!

Harley, Irvin and Power (left) and Dorian (right photo) are almost finished bring the interior walls up to meet roof. It was really hard to imagine how high the ceiling was going to be, until now.

The Cypress Ceiling

Harley's stained cypress is really looking good!

Feels like Home?

Ok... the place finally starts to look like a home and what happens? Someone decides to move right in and start a family. Mother Dove here is in a bad spot, right where we need to continue with putting in stone to finish the roof. We'll have to work around her until the babies are ready to leave the nest... yes, another construction slow down. What can you do? Life goes on....

Stone Arch Completed

The main roof beams and cypress is up and the stone masons (Dele & Randy) have just about finished bring the stone up to meet the roof. Next... the roof over the veranda.