THIS & THAT 2009



The Tour Continues

This 2009 tour will not necessarily be all about the garden. It's going to be sort of be a photographic journal of "this & that" around the house. But I am going to start out is the back area that now sports a small garden table and chairs. It's a great place to sit when you want to hang out and chat with the master chef on the grill.


The Heliconias that I thought were huge last year (refer to June 08 Garden Tour) are even larger now.

And the best part is that after waiting for a year they finally blooming (see below). The flowers are about 8 to 10 inches and beautiful.

A Different View

I took this shot as we were boating up to the Westin dock in Great Cruz Bay, returning from a day on the water (and Foxy's of course). With the red roof and arch the house is pretty easy to spot from afar.

Bananas, Bananas & more Bananas

The bananas down on the other side of the driveway have gotten so thick that Pedro had to cut a lot of them out. They were crowding my mango and avocado tree. The banana plants that he took out are now transplanted further down. We took the last bunch of bananas to our friends at Morgans Mango Restaurant and they made us a Banana Strudel that was unbelievably delicious.

A Guest Comment

This was different. While most all of our guests leave us a nice note in our guest book, one of our guests got creative. They obviously wanted to let us know how they were really feeling. I'm not sure why they added the banana but I really had to laugh when I saw this jumbo note on a big old piece of cardboard.

The Nature Trail

That's Pedro way up at the top of our lot. He's cleared out all the under bush which has created a little mini forest area. Eventually I want have a little wandering path with a sitting area up there. Think we'll have to call it Pedro's Park.


Ava came for a 4th of July visit, of course she brought her parents, Dana (Harley's sister) and Mike. As you can see Ava made herself comfy and right at home. Pretty cute, huh? Glad I decided on an ottoman instead of a coffee table in front of the couch. Really makes for a cozy area for movie watching.

Margarita Sunset

All is slowing down on the island and we're getting ready to do some sprucing up around the house. But first.... a little relaxing around the pool and of course a Margarita.... or two.