The Garden Tour Begins

People that know me, know that I love to garden. When we started to build it was the one thing that I keep thinking about. I was finally going to be able to do my own garden! I inherited my passion for gardening from my mother. So I begin this "Garden Tour" with my hibiscus that I know she would have surely loved and dedicate this "Tour" to her.

Just so you know, I'm going to do this tour bit by bit, and sometimes, plant by plant, just to keep it going as long as possible. I'm doing it that way for a faithful follower who likes to check in frequently and who also happens to be my sister. I'm starting off with a shot I took about 4 months of the side garden.

Here is how it's shaping up today.

Yes, we have no Bananas!

Pedro knows his bananas and according to him this is one big banana plant. I was given a cutting from my friend, Drapes who told me it was a small banana. It is now well over 14ft high and sprouting babies. Should start producing bananas in about 2 or 3 months.... look out Chiquita!

Back Yard

The area along the back of the house (once called the rock quarry) is starting to fill in nicely.

Pedro's Tomatoes

Pedro got a good batch of tomatoes going in the yard but there was one problem..... pests! That pest would be the Pearly-eyed Thrasher. They aren't a very popular bird because they are, and are often described as, an aggressive, opportunistic omnivore that feeds on, among other things, other bird’s eggs and nestlings. Anyway, Pedro caught up the tomato chomping bandit and gave him a good talking to and well.... we haven't seem him since.


When I first started the garden in the back (almost a year ago now), Terry Bertolino gave me a piece of her Heliconias. I promptly put in the ground (it's the little plant on the left, between the windows). At the time I didn't realize what kind of heliconia it was... well now I know, it's a big one! Check it out!

It hasn't bloom yet, can't wait. You can also see that my little patch of grass is gone. That didn't quite pan out, not enough sun. I think this garden will be "a work in progress" for awhile. And lastly, for now, here is a quick over-view.... pun intended.

Banana Update

Here they are, my first bananas. Soon I'll be sipping on a banana daiquiris and feasting on chocolate covered frozen bananas coated with nuts. Yumm....

Blue Daze
Late August.08

Just had to put up another shot of the side garden with Blue Daze and Lantana blooming like crazy. Also, we added three Areca Palms up along the edge of the property that will fill in and eventually serve as a screening hedge.

Ike passing by

This was the view as Ike was passing us by. Very ominous!

Bird of Paradise
Mid September.08

September may bring the weather but on the other hand it also brings some beautiful calm seas and vistas. And this was one beautiful morning. A great boating day.... you could've gone out and had the whole lake to yourself.

Storm Screen

This is not a pretty sight but here's what the house looks like when it's ready for a storm. Omar was headed straight for us. We moved everything inside and bolted up the "storm screen". Because we were short on time, we took our chances and left the large terra-cotta pots in place. Also, there were guests staying in the house. It was a Tuesday and our guests were to get married on the beach that Friday. To make a long story short, St. John didn't get the brunt of Omar and the weather cleared on Friday... the wedding went on as planned. A happy ending. Below is an inside view of the screen.

Banana Update

They're ripe and ready to go.

I now have a ton chocolate covered frozen bananas in my freezer. Yumm....